The Best Redaction Software. Guaranteed.

Redact-It is innovative redaction software that makes reviewing and redacting documents easy, efficient
and accurate.

  • Looking for an easy-to-use desktop application that makes redacting documents efficient? Whether you need to redact one document or hundreds, Redact-It Desktop gets it done right.
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  • Need automated, bulk redaction that can handle very large loads? Redact-It Enterprise is ideal for heavy document volume or for adding redaction as part of your business process automation efforts.
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Whichever Redact-It product you choose you can count on it being the best redaction software available, backed by a reliable, experienced company with more than 20 years of experience in document technology.

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Get reliable redaction every time.

Looking for a reliable redaction tool that helps you find all the sensitive content in your documents and remove it? Redact-It combines powerful search technology with the best suite of redaction tools to help you redact the right data quickly and efficiently.


Relax, it's really gone.

Redact-It doesn't just cover sensitive information, it completely removes it from the document along with any metadata and hidden content. Only visible content is transferred to the new, redacted file and the original document remains safe and intact.


Redact in 3 easy steps.

Use the intuitive tools to mark areas for redaction, automatically step through the redactions to verify accuracy, then finalize redactions to a new TIFF or text-searchable PDF. Easily capture all redactions made to a privilege log, Vaughn index or FOIA report.


Big job? No problem.

Redact-It Enterprise was designed to handle high volumes of documents quickly. With its ability to redact multiple documents simultaneously and a built-in load balancer allowing it to scale across multiple servers, Redact-It Enterprise will rapidly process whatever volume of documents you give it.


Selected by top-tier partners

Our viewing and redaction software has been selected by leading content management and case management companies like EMC Documentum, OpenText, LexisNexis, IBM, Clearwell and more. Redact-It customers include federal, state and city agencies - including law enforcement, educational institutions, law firms, financial services companies, accounting firms and more. With over 20 years in the document viewing industry, our software is proven and trusted.